Filebrowser module seeking maintainer

Three months ago, I posted a request for people to take over some of my modules, so I can concentrate on supporting the set I am actively developing and using better, and the other modules get proper maintenance going forward from other fine folks in the community. Nearly all of the modules found their maintainers, but I am still searching for a new maintainer for filebrowser module.

This module provides an FTP-like file browsing interface. I developed this for, where we used to have a custom Subversion backed Drupal interface translation repository, this module providing the file browsing interface on top of it. It has highly customizable output already, but has issues which would push it farther away from being an FTP-like browser, and more like a media asset browser.

Let me know, if you are interested. I'd rather orphan the module in a month if nobody is interested in keeping it up. I don't like "pretending" to be a maintainer, when I am not doing actual maintenance on the module.


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