Jamie Winchester & Róbert Hrutka

Jamie Winchester and Róbert Hrutka formed their band six years ago, but they become well known in Hungary (as far as I know) after one of their songs was used in a local mobile carrier's commercial. Although that was quite some time ago, they release thrilling songs ever since, and the quality of their work is constantly amazing for my ears. Here is one one of their fine songs, titled "Take me home".

Just two days after I was back from DrupalCon Barcelona, I was out at their season opening concert with my fiancée and a friend of ours, who is a definite Jamie fan by all means. So we were enjoying the music and dancing in the first row, and it was simply mind blowing. The moment they started playing we wondered whether it was really live performance. Both the lead singer's voice and the alignment of the whole band was fantastic. I thought their albums undergo serious studio editing, but their live performance was just as perfect.

A few recommendations if you don't feel like picking from the (sadly sort) list of their videos on youtube or the ones uploaded on the bands own website:

Playing Joan Osborne's "One of us":

And finally here is a fan clip with their original hit "It's your life":

I hope you enjoy.


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My favorite is the Last one out album, but it's really cool to see and hear(!) them live anytime!

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When is this guy (Jamie Winchester) going to sell his music outside of Hungary? There are tons of comments on the YouTube videos from people outside of Hungary who want to purchase his music and his whole website is in Hungarian...WTF?

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If you want to buy their music, that's not impossible, go to www.loo.hu and contact them or I'm sure many of us, Hungarian fans would love to help you get hold of them. Just let me know :)

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I've "found" Jason Mraz some days ago and I think if you like Jamie & Robi you will like him too. :o)

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