Community tagging solutions for Drupal, a comparision

Since the 4.7 version, Drupal has free tagging included by default. Unfortunately this only allows for a shared tag set for a node, so that when multiple people tag a node, those tags go into a common list. Who tagged the node is not remembered, anyone can remove any tags and add new ones (given the permission).

The future of Drupal interface localization for you

In a recent blog entry titled The future of Drupal interface localization lies in install profiles I showed you a proof-of-concept way for a new Drupal interface translation packaging format. As the Drupal 5 release is closing on us, and we were able to fix quite a few small glitches around interface translation related problems, I decided to clean up the packaging scripts and release them to the public, so other translation groups can try this distribution format and we might eventually get this up at as the default.

Why wouldn't you update from 4.6 to 5.0 easily?

I am that adventurous type to try to update from Drupal 4.6 to Drupal 5.0 directly. This type of update is not recommended, because it is not ensured that everything will work fine. Unfortunately this time the direct update is not possible without some tweaking of the system.install files, but it seems to be doable.

The future of Drupal interface localization lies in install profiles

First Drupal user registration in HungarianDrupal 5 comes out with a nifty new feature (among a lot of others): it only creates database tables and imports CSS files for modules turned on. It is a logical step to do the same with interface translation files. The practice up to Drupal 4.7 was to generate smaller translation template files for translators, so they can better work with strings and collaborate with version tracking tools. These smaller files were merged into one big translation file, which was given to end users to import if they needed the Drupal package work in their language. What should be the new model, and how do we support it? Do I have a working (starter) solution? Yes. Read on!

Matt Mullenweg says the new Drupal theme is "pretty darn neat", asks for Wordpress port

Matt Mullenweg (the man behind Wordpress) says in a conversation:

The next version of Drupal is coming out with a pretty neat theme,
called Garland. Here's a demo page where you can customize it and save
you changes:

This is pretty darn neat. Anyone interested in porting it? The toggle,
logo, and shortcut icon bits are probably superfluous, but the color
picking functionality is great.

As far as I know, this is the first time that a Drupal theme is ported to Wordpress. There is the feeling of some bad taste in the Drupal community about this port being done before Drupal was able to release this in Drupal 5 though. This still is a historical step in my opinion.