Oh say, can you see my eyes? If you can, then my hair's too short.

More than a year ago, I've started to rehearse for Woof's role in Hair, a musical adaptation of the famous film we are putting on stage. At that time, it was expected that we would be ready by May 2008, but this did not materialize due to time limitations of our director and some helpers working with the team. So it was pushed back to November 2008, which is getting pretty close now. We've actually announced the dates now, being November 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16 (update: extra nights on the 17th and 18th). Final rehearsals are now in full force, lights, smokes and dresses are getting final touches. While the whole process is enjoyable, I love this part most when great fruits of our work actually show.

If I am not going to reply as soon as I usually do to emails or issues around Drupal, then I am sorry, but at least you know why is that. By sheer luck, Drupal Conference Hungary is on the 15th of November, so I'll be able to present and attend without being tied to run away right after my presentation to the show. (We are having a day of break on that day due to the technical staff not the Drupal Conference just to make it clear).

While looking at a film excerpt is no substitute for seeing and hearing us in person, here is one of the songs I am going to perform: Hair.

Oh say, can you see my eyes? If you can, then my hair's too short.

Today I started to rehearse for my role in our Hair musical performance, which is planned for around May 2008. Although I just had some singing preparation today with our professional music teacher, I am excited already. Being an amateur actor and then an amateur musical singer by hobby for around 20 years now was one of the best things that happened to me in life. Being on stage is so rewarding, and because I am of the easygoing performer type, I get fun roles to play.