Drupal Developer Days

Drupal Developer Days 2014 Organizers Report

The organizer team is still energized after our experience putting together Drupal Dev Days Europe 2014 in Szeged, Hungary between 24 and 30 March.

Several people asked about details and we wanted to document the event for future event organizers to share what worked best for us. We prepared a report for you so if you experienced Drupal Dev Days Szeged, you can look behind the curtain a bit, or if you heard about it, you can see what we did to pull off an event like this. If you were not there and did not hear about it, we included several feedback references as well to give you an idea.

Do you want to see tweets and articles like those about your event? Read the report for our tips!

We definitely did not do everything right but we hope we can help people learn from the things we did right.

Excuse us if the report is a bit too long, we attempted to pack useful information to every single sentence to make reading it worth your time. Send questions and comments to the team.

Talking about usability and localization infrastructure at Drupal Developer Days Brussels

Drupal Developer Days Brussels

Drupal Developer Days is going to happen this year in Brussels in one month (4-6th of February, 2011). This theme of topical conferences on Drupal getting focus is very popular nowadays. Brussels had an executives meetup in October, Prague just had a designers event in November and this next one coming up is focused on development. While Drupal historically had a developer room at the FOSDEM conference, this year, the project hosts its own event nearby kicking off with a code sprint on Friday and full-on session program on the weekend.

I proposed two sessions: How to integrate the core Drupal 7 usability improvements with your module and Drupal's new localization infrastructure and where do you fit in. I think both are important topics. Drupal needs contributed modules and distributions to be top notch in terms of usability (even more so then core) and it needs localized interfaces and communities to help it spread in all kinds of cultures. While the first session is more coder oriented, the second will hold invaluable information for site builders and translators as well (while keeping module builders in the loop).

There are already almost 300 people signed up for this event, so it looks to be shaping up to be fun and busy again. If you are working with Drupal, do not pass the opportunity to get yourself integrated in the community. This event is great to get started or just keep it up. There are various reasons working on Open Source software is going to benefit your career.