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PostEvolving the Upgrade Status user interface - a work in progress you can help influence Gábor Hojtsy11 month 3 days ago
PostA dream coming true Gábor Hojtsy01 month 6 days ago
PostLearn about and shape the future of Drupal at DrupalCon Global Gábor Hojtsy02 months 3 weeks ago
PostState of Drupal 9 - first post-release recording from Drupal India Conclave Gábor Hojtsy03 months 4 days ago
PostThanks for making a difference at Drupal 9 Porting Weekend! Gábor Hojtsy04 months 1 day ago
PostDrupal 9 porting day was huge, we raised a lot of money for the Drupal Association! Gábor Hojtsy04 months 4 weeks ago
PostFirst week's update on the Drupal 9 Module Porting Challenge; organising a porting day on April 28, 2020 Gábor Hojtsy05 months 2 days ago
PostPort your module to Drupal 9 to make me donate more to #DrupalCares Gábor Hojtsy05 months 1 week ago
PostUpgrade Status April 2020 update and introducing Upgrade Rector Gábor Hojtsy05 months 2 weeks ago
PostFour ways to track a list of Drupal issues a group of you cares about Gábor Hojtsy05 months 4 weeks ago
PostDrupal 8 multilingual tidbits 12: English can now be translated to Gábor Hojtsy106 months 1 week ago
PostJoin us at the free virtual MidCamp this week to learn about and improve Drupal 9 Gábor Hojtsy06 months 1 week ago
PostDrupal 9 compatibility contribution quickstart guide for Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020 Gábor Hojtsy26 months 2 weeks ago
PostPresent your own "State of Drupal 9" session, get slides here! Gábor Hojtsy26 months 2 weeks ago
PostState of Drupal 9 - May 2019 session recording Gábor Hojtsy06 months 2 weeks ago
PostA whole new version of the open source "State of Drupal 9" slideshow, present it yourself! Gábor Hojtsy06 months 2 weeks ago
PostDrupal 9 release scenarios, the first beta deadline in 6 weeks and how you can help! Gábor Hojtsy08 months 1 week ago
PostIntroducing the Drupal 9 deprecation status tool on dev.acquia.com Gábor Hojtsy010 months 1 week ago
PostLet's automate deprecated API use removal from Drupal projects! Gábor Hojtsy010 months 2 weeks ago
PostThe dramatic shift in how a Drupal upgrade is now done in Drupal 8 for Drupal 9 Gábor Hojtsy010 months 2 weeks ago
PostJoin #IMadeDrupal9 at DrupalCon Amsterdam and remotely! Gábor Hojtsy011 months 2 weeks ago
PostDrupal 8.7.7+ will support extensions compatible with both Drupal 8 and 9! Gábor Hojtsy111 months 2 weeks ago
PostPrepare for Drupal 9: stop using drupal_set_message()! Gábor Hojtsy01 year 1 month ago
PostFirst beta of Upgrade Status for Drupal 8 out with highly improved reporting, helps to best collaborate with project maintainers Gábor Hojtsy01 year 2 months ago
PostAnalysis of top uses of deprecated code in Drupal contributed projects in May 2019 Gábor Hojtsy11 year 3 months ago