Drupal Conference Hungary 2007 is over

Drupal Conference Hungary 2007 registration deskWe organized Drupal Conference Hungary 2007 for this past weekend. After last fall's first local conference, this was our second big event in Hungary. The conference had more then 150 registrants, so we needed to close the registration in advance to let people have seats in the session room. Unfortunately this year we were not so close to the 90% show up percentage we had last year, so the room was not fully packed. However, this was the only negative point I was able to spot.

Those who have been there, enjoyed sessions about the Drupal 6 improvements (presented by myself), debugging Drupal code with Károly Négyesi (the infamous chx), setting up a news site with core modules and improving the experience with Views, Panels and friends (with István Palócz). Kristof van Tomme presented our single English session about a small business (brochure) site use case and he promoted the Szeged user group as well as plans to organize an international DrupalCon in 2008 in Hungary. Áron Novák presented his FeedAPI project developed under Google Summer of Code sponsorship, while Gergő Lippai and ninja shared performance tips for Drupal sites, from the perspective of criticalmass.hu, the biking event website, which needs to work under extreme high loads around the events. János Fehér presented the theme improvements in Drupal 6, and our last slot was reserved for lightning talks. Márk Tolmács stepped up to present about running Drupal above a JBoss Java application server and the Caucho Quercus engine. This was a pleasant surprise for all of us, as he showed up with his suggestion an hour before the slot started. István and I also shared some module tips with the attendees, before the closing remarks.

I promised to share my slides (which are in Hungarian), so feel free to download the PDF: Drupal6.pdf.

All-in all it was a very good event, and I hope we balanced breaks with sessions properly, giving time to discuss Drupal issues and to connect with people (see some more photos by clicking on the photo above). I know I answered lots of questions in between sessions and made some people smile with the tools I presented in my sessions.

We as organizers are most grateful for our sponsors, who made it possible to organize this event. The Drupal Association was our gold sponsor, and some local companies and communities, as well as a few individual sponsors helped the event happen. Thank you all for making this conference possible!


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Are you planning to publish it at Drupal.hu?

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I hope we can gather the slides from the presenters and publish them all.

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In the 7th slide you wrote about language aliases - I just could not realise how does it work. I looked for it (at Drupal.org), asked it, but still have no answer. Could you give a short explanation?

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Let's say you have the path 'contact' (eg http://example.com/contact) and you would like to translate the path itself to different languages. You can have aliases of 'contact' in different languages on the site. Eg. for Hungarian, you could have 'kapcsolat'. How that appears in the path exactly depends on your path settings. For example, if you had 'hu' set as path prefix for Hungarian (ie. the default configuration), you get http://example.com/hu/kapcsolat

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I've looked it again (just quickly). I've understand some parts, but still not everything is clear to me. As you mentioned, there are a lot of options and it makes hard to understand how to do things (for someone who is new in multi-language page creatin). So it would be nice to have a tutorial (at drupal.org) about the choices of settings with step by step instructions. Thanks for your support!

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This is a nice explanation, but i18 on D6.2 doesn't seem to work with path aliases for non-english default language. Drupal/i18n doesn't seem to use the url aliases for the default language _at all_. It keeps adding the language prefix if there is one and, of course that gives a page not found. Same thing happens without aliases. D6.2/i18n tries adding a lang prefix to node/x, which results in a page not found.

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