FrOSCon presentation videos are out!

FrOSCon was a great conference. Lots of interesting people, lots of new information shared and discussions participated in. Although I did not have time to process and upload the photos yet, I found Bonn, Cologne and Sankt Augustin to be perfect places to stay in.

One of the best things about the conference was that all our sessions were recorded, so you can not only download my slides, you can also see me having my first mistakes with presenting on a Mac. After all, I am a recent convert, and I still use the Mac and my Ubuntu side by side. Pushing aside the issues caused by the first time I presented with a Mac, I think I did a fairly good job of giving an overview of all the hard work of people who contributed a huge amount of their work to make Drupal 6 work better in different languages.

PDF icon GaborHojtsy-FrOSCon-2007-Slides.pdf2.65 MB

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