Drupal helps Critical Mass Budapest reach 80 thousand riders

Critical Mass is an event which is held two times a year in Hungary (as well as sometimes more often and at varying times around the world), where bicyclists and other self-propelled commuters take to the streets en masse to demonstrate that biking is a good way to commute. Budapest's Critical Mass grows by each event in size, last fall attracting 70 thousand bikers, this past day having 80 thousand riders throughout the day.

Critical Mass 2008, Budapest (spring) photo by zsoolt

What's great about this event is that the Critical Mass Hungary community site runs all on Drupal for the past few years, and the community is happy about it. It is great to see all these activity helped by Drupal, especially that this fine system is used on many of the other local biker sites for bicycle trading, dispatch riders, bike camps and several bikers associations. Another good cause where Drupal helps build a better world!

Also special thanks for the biker community who brought in some money for our Drupal Conference Hungary 2006 and then bought a camera for the last Drupal Conference 2007 for the Drupal User Group to use. This allows us to post videotapes of the presentations we have at our user group events ever since.


JohnForsythe's picture

Critical Mass is great, I ride in the Ottawa Mass :)

Don's picture

I'm so very close to giving up on my daily commute to the office a actually biking instead. We all can use a healthy and alternative transportation event like this!

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i wish that more cities would catch up to this. there are to many cars on the road now

Run your car on water's picture

Ohh my god, there are soo many people at that photo. I wish I were there =))

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I like to see that how many people have drupal as their content management system. In past i was amazed to see JAVA revolution and I think this is going to be another.

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This sounds great. Is there any equivalent in Ireland? I'm not exactly the worlds most enthusiastic cyclist - in fact I'd have to buy a bike - but I'd definitely be up for getting involved with something like this.

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I was pleased to discover that VeloSpace (bicycle social networking!) was powered by Drupal.

I can't imagine a critical mass that big... the Boston ride usually maxes out around 150, it seems.

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Velo News, a key reporter of the pro bike tour, is also a Drupal site.

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Its great to see bicycles as a form of commute, its true Drupal does help build a better world.

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Yeah ! Nice Drupal Community FlashMob. Dont afraid wordpress :D

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Good to see something like this, i hope something like this happens in My country India too. I am sure many Indians will turn up for the event.

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Great to see this kind of event taking place. As you can probably tell walking is my thing, but I do cycle to work.

The thing with this kind of event is that if it only gets one person to give up their car, it would all have been worth it.

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Great to see this kind of event taking place. As you can probably tell walking is my thing, but I do cycle to work.

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I love the London to Brighton bike ride for the british heart foundation, great work from cyclists all over the world