Getting married!

After three years of being happily together with my girlfriend (fiancée since almost a year ago), and while planning for a lot more, we decided to officially join our lives and proclaim that for the bigger public. We are getting married on August 9th, and will be out of the usual tech loop and away from other things in life for a few days after that.


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Sok boldogságot kívánok!

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Awesome news, Gábor. I hope the ceremony/preparation for it and your life together as husband and wife has been and will be a joy.

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That's great news, Gabor! All the best :-)

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Congratulations Gabor! What great news. Cheers to a very happy celebration and a wonderful life together!

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I hope you two have a fantastic celebration!

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Glory to the brave! :) Congratulations!

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Huge congratulations!!!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you!

Hope you're enjoying some good time off right now.

Looking forward to Hungary,


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Just saw the pictures from Dries! Congratulations Gábor and Zsuzsi!

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congrats gabor, as well as to your lovely bride! nice pictures, hope it was a nice day, enjoy!

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Congratulations with your marriage! The two of you look great together!

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