Unleashing jedi powers

I was browsing around in the fresh Drupal images on Flickr, when I stumbled on this composition. While in reality I had a back scratcher in my hand at the time (which became famous on its own right that day), this edition of the photo is simply hilarious.

Photoshop work by Jon Hancock, who also made some famous chx compositions. Congrats!


Ryan's picture

hah Well, having been there, I think I like the light saber mock-up... but it sure would've caused a lot more damage when you started rubbing it on people's backs. :)

jonfhancock's picture

An artist is always pleased to hear that his work is appreciated. Although, I have to say I had a great model to work with. ;-)

Khalid's picture

Wow, amazing ...

The first thing that came to my mind is the buzzing sound of the light sabre!

I can almost hear it ...

Go Obi-Wan ...

Wim Leers's picture

Thanks again, Jon :) I requested this, Gábor (see the first comment on the original picture). I hope you don't mind :D

Anonymous's picture

... or should I say "Ah, light sabre fits you. Wield it well you do."

ilyas's picture

Lolz that looks great, you know i wish you could have added the title music of the movie too in the background. Jon Hancock did a good job there.

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