Just posted "The tech story behind the Drupalcon Szeged conference website"

I had many requests for a case study on how we did the Drupalcon Szeged 2008 website. Granted, it was a long time ago, I just had time recently to do a writeup, sprinkle it with links to modules we used and attach some images for your viewing pleasure.

While it is waiting for consideration for a drupal.org front page promotion, since you are reading (an aggregation of) my blog, you'll get to see The tech story behind the Drupalcon Szeged conference website now. I hope it will help you get some insight into the good and bad decisions we made while we built the website, and the technology behind certain fun functions, like the registration system, the drag-and-drop scheduler, the wiki whiteboard and even the dynamic projection screen at the venue entrance. It was certainly fun to build.

Watch out, the next Drupal fest, Drupalcon Washington DC is coming up quickly in just two months!

Special thanks to Robert Douglass for proof-reading and fixing some of my non-native English writing.

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