Interviewed for Danish Radio P1

Anders Høeg Nissen from Harddisken, the P1 Danish Radio show was out at Drupalcon Copenhagen to report and interview people about Drupal and just generally spread the news. P1 is part of one of the oldest and largest media empires in Denmark, its parent company was founded in 1925 as a public service organization.

Dries Buytaert and Angie Byron were on the show being interviewed on their thinking of Drupal, and how they manage the flood of people coming with Drupal 7. I was interviewed to share some of the ideas behind my session titled "Come for the software, stay for the community - how Drupal improves and evolves". The radio host was interested in what I think are major drivers in Drupal's thriving community and how do we make it work. We got some of our thinking translated to Danish even.

I unfortunately don't know Danish (like probably most of my readers). If you know, a transcription / translation would be useful, thank you. In the meantime, you can listen to the show (MP3) mostly in Danish. (The first 25 minutes cover Drupal).

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