Join the multilingual team on upcoming in-person sprints

As people say, the best way to learn is by doing! Did you ever want to have a better multilingual solution in Drupal? Well, Drupal 8 is a big chance. While not everything will be perfect, it will be worlds apart from Drupal 7 in all the good ways. To quote some feedback from DrupalCon Prague: The work you have done for translations is a 'game changer' for the future of Drupal. and Can't wait to be able to use it on production!

The best way to get started is to help fix the remaining issues! You not only get to have your hands on the new features in Drupal 8 and learn the intricacies of them, but also get mentorship on how to build with them and also help Drupal 8 get out sooner and be a better solution. We also have a lot of fun! Full of win!

To join in-person sprints, we have some options for you in the upcoming two months:

If you cannot make it to the in-person sprints, we are congregating in the #drupal-i18n IRC channel and have a meeting there every other Wednesday. See meeting dates/times on the front page of


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Jose Reyero, Juan Olalla, Pablo Lopez (plopesc) and others that have worked on D8MI will also be on Drupalcamp Cáceres!
Looking forward :D

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