Participate in great Drupal 8 training at DrupalCamp Vienna!

Drupal 8 is coming up! Check out for all the goodness that is coming! While on the surface, a freshly installed Drupal 8 does not look all that different than Drupal 7 (the backend looks and the menus are similar), the underlying system is way more powerful and flexible. We turned flexibility up a notch in countless areas.

How best to get to know this new version? Well, there are blog posts and videos plenty as we get closer to Drupal 8 being more stable. I am writing an article series on multilingual improvements myself. We do know that some people learn great on a focused day of training though, so some of us decided to offer community training (read: really cheap!) before DrupalCamp Vienna on several Drupal 8 topics.

Along many other great trainings, on November 21st 2013, I'm doing an all day hands-on with Drupal 8's multilingual system including site building and some coding as well.

I'm really looking forward this training because I have seven years of experience commercially training people on HTML, Perl, PHP, XML, XSLT, Drupal, etc. and really love the work that is going into assembling materials and setting up a coherent system to teach capabilities and possibilities. I am also looking for this opportunity to find more Drupal 8 bugs (which I will both in preparation and we will as part of the training, I'm sure - Drupal 8 is not yet ready after all). This is a great opportunity to do some deep-dives into what changed in Drupal 8 and learn the new best practices.

I did presentations about Drupal 8 multilingual improvements at various camps and DrupalCons and the feedback was amazing. Someone wrote in Prague: Good session, maybe it would need a little bit more time or limit the content. Presentator felt little overconfident, but that may be just me. He certainly knows what he is talking about.. I cannot help the strong confidence, as I really think Drupal 8 is going to rock your socks off in terms of multilingual improvements. But this is the opportunity to have plenty time to explore all the changes and get to know in a way you would not have a chance for a long while at least.

Sign up for the training at, it is just 50 EUR. See you there!

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