Drupal related posts by Gábor Hojtsy.

DrupalCon Barcelona: I'm #200

Dries Knapen just posted about the 200th registration for DrupalCon Barcelona:

We just had our 200th registrant signing up for DrupalCon Barcelona. This is great news, and I'm sure a lot of other people are planning on joining us as well.

Yes, that 200th registrant was me. I was struggling with my bank for more then a month to get my cards (including a virtual MasterCard, which allows me to pay online as securely as possible finally). Then I was away for a week on holiday, so just as I am back, I noticed I can be the 200th registrant which was a good spot to catch :)

The organizers plan for 400 attendees, so 200 registrants a month and a half early seems to be quite fine. The registration is wide open, and session proposals are also accepted. Seems like I'll be involved with at least the following sessions if all end up in the final program:

  • Multilingual Drupal: A big session about how you can make your site multilingual (with both core and contrib functionality) and what changed in Drupal 6. This fits into a pair of session spots with a break, as there are lots of stuff to talk about. I'll co-present this with Jose A Reyero and Ian Ward.
  • Translating Drupal (the new way), where I'll present the results of my Google Summer of Code work: a web based translation system for Drupal project translations; as well as show best practices on how one can make his theme or module translatable.
  • Drupal SoC Showcase, where I'll present a small intro to what I have done and direct listeners to the full featured presentation. There were lots of summer of code projects and so short time to fit all into one session.

Let's make sure that we can meet in Barcelona: register yourself for the conference, if you have not done already, and vote for the above sessions to make the final list.

From English Drupal.hu blog to my personal blog

Last November, I started off Drupal.hu/English with the intention that more Hungarian contributors will join and share their experience with fellow English speaking Drupalers through that channel. As a matter of fact, people like to keep working around their own homes, so there was only one post from Tamás Amon apart from my continued posts.

Localization server project in the works

Dear Drupal interface translators!

Your valuable work helps Drupal to actual world domination, so we try to support you all ways possible to be able to more efficiently organize your time to translate Drupal projects (the Drupal core system itself, as well as contributed modules, themes and install profiles).

There are big changes planned and in development for Drupal project translations. Make sure to read my Drupal Groups post if you are a Drupal translator or you would like to become one, but the current toolset scares you.

Right to left themes need help for Drupal 6

Bryan Ruby points out that many open source content management systems are started to think about multilanguage support as a core building block recently. Drupal 6 is one of these systems, and although it does not come with complete internationalization and translation features, it goes a long way compared to Drupal 5. Jose A. Reyero pulled together a nice comparision table of the Drupal 5 and 6 core multilanguage features.

Some modules seeking maintainers

Uncertain way forwardWhile being overwhelmed with Drupal 6 and Google Summer of Code work, some of the contributed modules I maintain lack real progress. Although there are a few patches sitting in each (especially Comment RSS and Archive module), I don't have the quality time to properly bring them forward. Here are the modules I am seeking new maintainers for:

Cool modules:

  • Archive module: This module was part of Drupal core in Drupal 4.7.x and before, but with Drupal 5 it is spin off to a contributed module. There were some timezone and permission issues, which made the module frustrating to maintain in Drupal core. The contributed module now fixes these issues, and it sports a better browsing widget. There are still quite a few issues standing to add the archive block back and to filter by node types for example. If you smell a 'views can do better' feeling here, you might be right. I think that this smaller, to-the-point module is better in what it does. Taken by Bryant Mairs.
  • Comment RSS: As the name suggests, provides RSS feeds for comments. There is a steady flow of great patches and suggestions coming in, like only exposing feeds on nodes where comments are enabled, let administrators decide what type of feeds to expose and so on. This is a great module, and needs some love. Chris Cook was already very active in the issue queue, so after some short discussion, he took over the module.
  • Filebrowser: Provides an FTP-like file browsing interface. I developed this for drupal.hu, where we used to have a custom subversion backed Drupal interface translation repository, this module providing the file browsing interface on top of it. It has highly customizable output already, but has issues which would push it farther away from being an FTP-like browser, and more like a site asset browser.
  • S5 presentation player: Eric Meyer's S5 presentation tool is a very cool little piece of software, allowing you to do presentations by editing a simple HTML file. The S5 presentation player on the other hand allows you to export books (maintained with book module) to the S5 format on the fly, which allows you to have a node per slide, so people can comment on your slides, add related links to them, etc. You can even reuse sllides by adding one node to multiple books. If only the book outline feature could be a bit better, or a custom dynamic slide sorter would be developed for this module, Drupal would become a cool presentation editor right away. Currently the book interface is clunky which does not allow this module to fly. With some care it could be the de-facto drupalcon backend to instantly share Drupal presentations :) Greg Knaddison took this module!

Old stuff depreciated by views:

  • Series is a little one-off module, which is definitely depreciated by views module, if you ask the lullabots :) It offers a listing of nodes under the same taxonomy term to inject into a node body. It is very specific functionality we developed for a site. There are feature suggestions to make it more versatile (which are kind of pointless given the views depreciation looming :). If noone jumps up to maintain this module, I will certainly end-of-life or at least orphan it. Orphaned it. Because it only has a 4.6 release, it will certainly die in itself soon.
  • Taxonomy HTML is another scary little one-off module, which is definitely depreciated by views module, if you ask the lullabots :) It was originally written (by Moshe Weitzman) at the time when maybe ten contributed modules were available. It is not even released for Drupal 5.x, so I will certainly end-of-life it, unless someone quickly jumps in. Orphaned it. Better modules exist for the same task.