Drupalcamp Stockholm recap (with slides)

I just got back from Drupalcamp Stockholm 2011, which was an action-packed two days for me to say the least. Due to a busy schedule, I was only able to arrive last minute the night before and leave just right after my sessions on the second day. Once again I decided to do a multilingual session all over again starting from the drawing board. There are lots of new things happening plus I think I'm developing better models to explain the components involved, so I think it was a good idea to build a new presentation. I've also presented on Drupal Security on behalf of the security team, which I hope turned out to be a very informative introduction to some of the most important things to look for when securing sites.

Drupal presentations and security releases

Some time ago, Szilveszter Farkas approached me to be one of the presenters of the Free Software Nights meetings, of which the first event happened to be yesterday. I was talking about the Drupal history, the community and business environment. But it also turned out early this week that I am going to help out with the Drupal security releases, which also happened to be yesterday evening (my local time).