Drupal Developer Days 2014 Organizers Report

The organizer team is still energized after our experience putting together Drupal Dev Days Europe 2014 in Szeged, Hungary between 24 and 30 March.

Several people asked about details and we wanted to document the event for future event organizers to share what worked best for us. We prepared a report for you so if you experienced Drupal Dev Days Szeged, you can look behind the curtain a bit, or if you heard about it, you can see what we did to pull off an event like this. If you were not there and did not hear about it, we included several feedback references as well to give you an idea.

Do you want to see tweets and articles like those about your event? Read the report for our tips!

We definitely did not do everything right but we hope we can help people learn from the things we did right.

Excuse us if the report is a bit too long, we attempted to pack useful information to every single sentence to make reading it worth your time. Send questions and comments to the team.

Five good reasons to register for Drupal Dev Days Szeged now!

I'm going!As you may have heard, Drupal Dev Days is going back to DrupalCon Europe 2008's host town Szeged, Hungary on March 24th to 30th, 2014! This is the ideal place for Drupal Dev Days, a whole week of sprinting with learning and participation opportunities plenty on Drupal coding and all the related technologies involved. Here are five good reasons to register for this event now:

  1. It is the biggest distraction-free sprint to work out remaining issues in Drupal 8 in the whole year. The sprint runs from Monday morning to Sunday night. Szeged wants to provide enough but also be out of your way to be awesome! For example, we booked the same venue up until midnight each day.
  2. We believe it is essential for a successful core sprint to have core committers on location. Szeged will have Alex Pott and Nathaniel Catchpole with Angie Byron supporting from home while we sleep. If you are a core developer in any capacity, having these two great leads directly at the same place is an amazing opportunity.
  3. Of course there is no requirement to be a core developer to attend! If you want to join the list of almost 1800 Drupal 8 developers though, is flying in Joe Shindelar and Amber Himes to deliver the Community Tools Workshop to get you on board with all the tools and processes used in Drupal core and contributed module/theme development. Great new skill to have under your sleeves in 2014. There is not much hard about it once you get started.
  4. We are taking the BADCamp/DrupalCon labs concept and provide options for speakers to deliver 2 hour and 4 hour long workshops for a fuller deep-dive on development topics. Even if you don't want to be a developer of Drupal itself in any capacity, there is a good chance that if you earn money with Drupal, you would benefit from some of these deep-dives. This is a unique format that other events don't offer. (Admittedly we are short on submitted sessions so far. If you, yourself would love to deliver such a deep-dive or a regular session, see, submissions close on January 15th (in 12 days)!)
  5. Szeged is a great cozy town! Many of those who have been there in 2008 asked us repeatedly to organise a come-back opportunity. Here it is and it only costs 30 EUR now! See our interview video on Szeged experiences at You won't regret coming.

With all these great reasons, what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now at

Szeged Drupal User Group highlights

Due to the Microsoft event, I had no time yet to blog about the very first Hungarian Drupal User Group event, which took place in Szeged late last week, and was actually organized by the Belgian living in Hungary: Kristof Van Tomme. He has a very good sense of selecting what makes a fun event. The meeting started off with a short presentation by Kristof about Drupal's main selling points, then continued with a discussion on collaboration possibilities, and ended up with some fine wine tasting at a different location.

One of the intesting takeaways from the event was that numerous people showed up from Temesvár, which is located in Romania 200 kilometers away (close enough so they said). Actually, Budapest (Hungary's capital) was equally far, however Hungarian developers mostly showed up only from around the city. So it turned out to be an "international" gathering of sorts, especially with Kristof translating wine introductions from Hungarian to English.

The day was topped off with a world music concert by the relatively new Fabula Rasa formation (beware, popup not required for proper site operation). They played great music and told unbelievable fantasy stories built around every song they have. We arrived a bit late, but they were also late starting so the few of us who kept being there from the group enjoyed the whole concert into the night.

Of course this great gathering started off some powers in Budapest for a meeting there, and organization is underway. We will see how it goes hopefully soon.