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DrupalCon Barcelona Photo by morten.dkAt DrupalCon Barcelona, I decided to volunteer to fix the "event organization and promotion problem" around Drupal. We had a great "next DrupalCon" BoF where we discussed a lot of bigger and smaller details, and it was decided that we should retain this knowledge. Robert Garrigos announced the BoF initially to hand over the knowledge they learned while organizing the event, so we needed to find a permanent place to write up these notes.

This was also a good opportunity for me to step a bit ahead from the "internationalization and localization guy" stereotype. Now that we are growing the Drupal system to support local and international communities of all sorts, we should improve our infrastructure to help our own communities grow and promote themselfs. That is the next step for world domination, I thought.

I looked into the existing groups at and found two related groups. There was a Drupal Camp group, which was started to help camp organizers, but then was misused in part to discuss course materials and then to host event announcements. Both of these were inappropriate use of the group, so after I discussed with Gregory Heller (the group maintainer), I went through all the posts, and regrouped (or in some cases degrouped - if this is a word) them, to clean up the organization group. Also added a new title and cleaned up the mission, so let's welcome the group. Then also found out that the User Groups Metagroup (group for user group organizers) is also in a huge overlap with camp and con organization, so decided to contact Greg Knaddison (the maintainer there) and agreed that we fold that group into drupal-event-organization. Now this is done, so we have a central place to discuss cool ideas around Drupal related events from around the world.

The work is definitely not done there, I'd like to facilitate information sharing between groups more. Document what we discussed at the BoF, get Robert share more of the Barcelona tips, share our Hungarian event tips and get others follow suit. But helping event organization is not much, if we don't help event promotion.

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To be honest, I realized there is an event calendar on at all, because I visited and seen they have a cool event calendar. Then I though it is some mashup or whatever and needed to go into the edit pane to see that the data directly comes from I would say we handle events poorly, so I decided to also volunteer to help people promote their events. Here comes the tasks I'd like to accomplish (in timeline order), to improve event promotion:

  • Fix whatever required to make date dropdowns work right for events. Now whenever someone edits an event, the month is set back to January. I know there is a plan to migrate to the CCK datefield and calendar modules and now still uses event module, as far as I know. I tried to search for an existing issue URL but was unable to find one. Given some direction and access I would be able to accomplish what's required here.
  • Include an "Events" tab on which points to the event calendar. (I don't have the rights to do it now, although I would have done already, if I would have the permission)
  • Event *locations*! Now we only have a time and a timezone setting possible. If we would have country and city information, we would be able to tell people what are the events near them (or in their town) with fine grained RSS feeds or whatever technology we choose. We first need to start collect the data of course.
  • Event *types*! Now all events are equal, but we have bigger conferences (which should be more visible), local camps, meetups and even training events added. These need to have a type associated, so we can list what's "more important" better (eg. emphasize the global conference and bigger local conferences in the upcoming events block).
  • Make it clear that it is possible to submit events without putting them into a group, so people can submit events for external groups (ie. local communities who have their own site). Even Dries did not know this.
  • Upcoming events block. There is an existing block with this title, but it is quite clunky. Now we have so many events, that showing the upcoming 5-10 events might only span two days. We could use some location information here. Also, it does not seem to be a good idea to display upcoming events only on the frontpage. This would be great on but even better on I discussed this with Dries and he actually suggested we will be better to do it on to provide event happening more visibility.

This is a long list, lots of stuff to do, and still it will probably expand as we go along. But I am confident that pushing this forward would help local as well as international Drupal communities to grow even stronger, attract more people and generally show off to the world, that they are numerous and welcoming. I am going to pair up the above points with issue numbers as I go along. There might be issues already for some of the points, in which case I would love to know about them, because I was unable to find them.

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Fix whatever required to make date dropdowns work right for events. Now whenever someone edits an event, the month is set back to January.

The bugfix probably involves a cast to int for the month, before using it as part of #default_value.

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As far as I know there is some upgrade resistance (although later versions of event module fix this bug) for some reason. I am trying to dig up whatever information is available. So far I heard that g.d.o is planned to move away from event module, so the bugfixes are not taken care of unfortunately.

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The Blue Beach theme will not accommodate more tabs. I have given some thought to restructuring top level items there but until there is something both real and maintained am not inclined to support an addition/change there.

When you get something pretty to point at, then let me know and we can all see what we can come up with.

Steven Peck

Gábor Hojtsy's picture has 7 tabs. has 6 tabs. I have set out to do this: Include an "Events" tab on which points to the event calendar.

7 - 6 = 1, so unless you have better ideas to use that one spot for on, we can just as well add events. Also, tabs on are 580 pixels wide on my screen, while tabs on are 413 pixels, so if there is a space concern and not a "number of tabs" concern, we can even add more tabs on if we decide we want to, without degrading user experience.

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Hi Goba!

I'm not sure, but this group could be interesting to you too:

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If you read my blog post a bit more carefully, you will notice more information about this group there :)

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This happens when I have no enough time to read carefully. - I have never enough time :o)

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Really helpful and explained clearly.

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Hi Gabor,
Thanks for your post about this and the great list of action items. This is certainly an important issue so let me know if there is something I can do to help out as you progress.

The homepage is an important place to promote large and local events and let the community know what's happening worldwide as well as locally. When the next redesign is done it will be great to provide a prominent space for events. One option could also be to have an events block that specifically shows events local to the user (this would require gathering more accurate location information or providing a list of interested locations to choose from.)


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