I am invited to speak at "Do It With Drupal"

A little bit before Drupalcon Szeged 2008, I was invited to take part in Lullabot's event, called Do It With Drupal. Being a co-lead for Drupalcon Szeged, I was completely overwhelmed with organization stuff there, but now that it was well done, I can move over to planning for future events.

Do it With Drupal website header

Do It With Drupal is going to be held in New Orleans, mid-December this year, and is basically a three day training event. Or as the FAQ puts it, it "is an expansion on the Lullabot workshops. Attendees can get much more in-depth and topic-specific information [compared to] the workshops. [...] Do It With Drupal is a very learning-focused event." I was invited to speak about multilanguage solutions, and I am going to again join the company of speakers such as Earl Miles, Karen Stevenson, Ryan Szrama, Moshe Weitzman, John VanDyk, just to name a few.

This event is quite a bit different to a Drupalcon, Do It With Drupal works with invited speakers whose hotel rooms and some of the travel costs are covered, and this is offset by having quite a bit higher entrance fees for attendees (starting at $795) on the other end. While Drupalcon's are characterized by anyone being able to be involved via BoFs and adhoc meetings, this event is about cherry-picking mainstream topics and closing in on them, so you get a different and very tight focus. This is the first event of this kind, and I am excited to see how this model works out. I am looking forward to be there and be involved.


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Szia Goba!

There is a typo in the link of the seminar banner. It says http://doitwithdrupal.<strong>con</strong> instead of http://doitwithdrupal.<strong>com</strong>. You still live in the Drupalcon... :o)

Anyway it must be a very good seminar, good to hear that you'll be there as a speaker!

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Thanks, fixed.

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Awesome news, Gabor! Can't wait to see you in New Orleans. :)

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