Drupalcamp Stockholm recap (with slides)

I just got back from Drupalcamp Stockholm 2011, which was an action-packed two days for me to say the least. Due to a busy schedule, I was only able to arrive last minute the night before and leave just right after my sessions on the second day. Once again I decided to do a multilingual session all over again starting from the drawing board. There are lots of new things happening plus I think I'm developing better models to explain the components involved, so I think it was a good idea to build a new presentation. I've also presented on Drupal Security on behalf of the security team, which I hope turned out to be a very informative introduction to some of the most important things to look for when securing sites.

NodeOne pulled off a superb event, where I've in fact managed to learn new things and meet new people both days. The camp was also in a manageable size, so that I can talk to friends and people I knew from before and people I was interested in talking to. Naturally I was most interested in multilingual experiences (and especially the struggles) of people, and got plenty of feedback in that area. This will be useful supporting information for planning work at the Multilingual Drupal Sprint that is coming up fast.

For those who have not been able to come, you can browse or download my Multilingual Drupal session slides and my Doing Drupal Security Right slides. The organizers are planning to post screencast recordings of the sessions soon, so watch out for those appearing on the camp website.

See you in London! (Or have you not signed up for the Drupalcon yet?)


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Thank you for the great sessions you had at DrupalCamp Sthlm. Very high quality and very informative.

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