DrupalCon Boston

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I am way behind in blogging about DrupalCon Boston 2008, which was truly a blast. It was the biggest and best organized Drupal conference so far, and was put together in record time. I was happy to come early to Boston and stay a bit more with people who had their flights cancelled, and others who simply live in Boston to tourist around the city as well.

The conference provided lots of opportunities to be productive on-site in the BoFs and on the code sprint which followed the conference. Honestly, I intended to work on some of my core modifications for filters which (unfortunately) are still not in patch form, but without network connection for a considerable time, I needed to look into what I have on my computer, and figured I should work on the top priority contrib issue in my projects, as identified at the BoFs. Read on to find out more.

DrupalCon Boston Logo Contest

The news is out! The spring DrupalCon in 2008 (these spring events usually being in North America) will be in Boston! While the session program is still in the planning, one slightly hidden announcement is the conference logo contest posted: http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/logoDesignContest The page contains all the important details, the most important being that the deadline is January 25, 2008. Quite close, right?