Got married!

In the craziness which was this summer: moving together with my fiancée, redoing the kitchen, co-organizing a fantastic Drupalcon, I've even managed to get married with the love of my life and go on honeymoon. Dries Buytaert also posted some great photos on his blog, but I figured I'd share some of the photos we got done before the ceremony, and some memories we had from Prague. Our wedding was a great day in our life, and the greatest was of course that we have been able to be together for a week's honeymoon after that in Prague.


Barry Jaspan's picture

Congrats, Gabor! It was great to see you in Hungary and a delight to meet and spend some time with Zsuzsi (is that spelled correctly?). She's a sweetie!

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

The right spelling is Zsuzsi indeed. Thanks for the kind words!

Károly György Tamás's picture

God bless you! I hope (and think) you'll be a good husband and father...

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