Drupal Conference Hungary is on: November 15th in Budapest

As it turns out István Palócz, a lead in the Hungarian Drupal community was just energized again by Drupalcon Szeged 2008, and would not let the Hungarian community to skip this year's Hungarian Drupal Conference (you might call it a Drupalcamp). He already announced the date to be November 15th, and the location to be the usual Central European University Conference Venue in Budapest, which was the host of our previous local Drupal conferences the past years.

Got married!

In the craziness which was this summer: moving together with my fiancée, redoing the kitchen, co-organizing a fantastic Drupalcon, I've even managed to get married with the love of my life and go on honeymoon. Dries Buytaert also posted some great photos on his blog, but I figured I'd share some of the photos we got done before the ceremony, and some memories we had from Prague. Our wedding was a great day in our life, and the greatest was of course that we have been able to be together for a week's honeymoon after that in Prague.