Update on DrupalCon Copenhagen Core developer summit

Earlier this year, for DrupalCon San Francisco, we introduced the new concept of the Core developer summit, which reaches back to the original Drupal developer meetups allowing for planning, problem solving and coding for Drupal core developers. It makes it possible to get together in one space to plan ahead and solve problems at hand.

We always keep looking at ways to improve our processes, and for the summit announced for Drupalcon Copenhagen, we’ve seen less interest in presenting improvement suggestions and more on looking at how Drupal 7 can be brought forward. So our plan for the Core developer summit in Copenhagen is twofold: provide a place to plan ahead and hammer some outstanding issues for Drupal 7 at the same time.

The upcoming summit on 22nd August 2010 will start with kick-off sessions for these two groups, Dries Buytaert presenting for the Drupal 7 focus group and Sam Boyer and Jen Simmons presenting about core and process improvements. Jen talks about making Drupal a better HTML (5) generating machine, while Sam talks about improving our revision control account application process, which is the gate to Drupal contributions. After the kick-off sessions, we’ll break up into two groups and provide plenty of space to be fruitful and get stuff done.

If you are interested in planning improvements for our processes and code and/or getting Drupal 7 released sooner, the core summit is for you! We are still looking for people to sign up at http://cph2010.drupal.org/core-developer-summit/register


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does that mean I'll be forced to choose one or the other? I want it all dammit! :P

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Well, there is not enough days at Drupalcon to fit everything in without parallelization.

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