Activity stream, graphing and new API building ideas for Google Summer of Code

Google is at it again! The legendary Google Summer of Code (GSoc) is organized again for 2011, and it should be lots of fun for students, mentors and organizations alike. GSoc is a summer-long activity for students where they can work on interesting and real problems with open source projects and earn money in the process to pay for college or whatever they wish.

Drupal 7's new multilingual systems (part 5) - Site settings

In the previous part of this series, we talked in detail about translations for nodes. For this next piece, I've promised to cover site settings and layout (blocks and friends). As the multilingual landscape progressed (Jose Reyero released the first beta version of the Internationalization module for Drupal 7!), I decided to dedicate this piece to site settings only. That sounds pretty basic and boring, but we have some good news and improvements here that developers should hear too! Read on for more information on how this crucial piece of the puzzle looks like in Drupal 7.

Drupal 7's new multilingual systems (part 4) - Node translation

In the second part of my article series, before we got on a developer detour, we discussed that Drupal's software interface translation can be pre-provided and collaborated on by the community, but this time we turn to your own content. What's considered content on a Drupal site? Well, in a broad sense, anything that you enter beyond the software user interface translation. For this article, we will limit our discussion to nodes only, and move on to the rest of the structure and page building elements in later pieces.

Drupal 7's new multilingual systems (part 3) - localization and language APIs

As promised at the end of the previous piece of my Drupal 7 multilingual post series, this part is turning to developers to spread some awareness of new features and possibilities in Drupal 7. We've talked about context support and new language selection features, and I'd like to share some tips with you to use them right. I'd also like to share an updated version of my Drupal 6 localization cheat sheet as well as its appropriate version for Drupal 7 with you and look at how can you hook into the heart of the language system.