Drupal related posts by Gábor Hojtsy.

Highlighting some tweets on my blog - experiments with Feeds

In an attempt to revitalize my blog, I recently switched themes, this time to the cool Magazeen theme and decided to highlight some fresh and inspiring content by cherry-picking tweets. Inspired by Dan Cederholm's Simplebits, where "tweets" were mixed with blog posts way before twitter was started, I decided to aggregate some of my tweets on my site. Let's see how I've done it.

Inexpensive video streaming for your Drupalcamps

When we talk about video streaming, many people still think of expensive hardware, dedicated uplink capacity and a complicated server side video encoder. However, nowadays video cameras in mobile phones and online streaming services can solve most of the problems for us if we sacrifice a bit on video quality. Drupalcamp Prague was just over this past weekend, and while I was busy presenting two sessions, demoing Acquia Gardens in a third one and speaking of contributing to Drupal in a fourth one, István Palócz was trying to ensure live streaming of the conference will be online.

Drupalcamp Streaming

In practice, the only hardware he used was a Nokia E51 mobile phone. Although it was attached (glued) to a laptop as seen in the picture, the laptop only served as an immediate camera stand. The phone was indeed plugged in almost the whole time to avoid the battery becoming empty, but the streaming was done solely using the phone hardware. Features used to stream were built-in wifi support in the phone, so the streaming can use the event's wifi service to stream the video and the Ustream broadcasting application available for some Nokia and Android phones. Though there is an iPhone app available, that does not support broadcasting.

With a capable phone, wifi and a ustream account, István was able to stream almost the whole event. Outages included when he actually needed to grab lunch so did not arrive back on time for the session and when he got a call. Still, those watching the stream were happy to see the sessions live and enjoy some of the program. I'm not highlighing this streaming technology for its stunning quality (although video quality definitely depends on the camera in the phone). You can check some of István's recordings to see the quality. It's the simplicity of the solution that is amazing. Just plug in your supported phone to a power outlet and stream over wireless. Way to share with the Drupal community!

Know of any similarly simple streaming solutions?

Presenting Drupal 7 and localize.drupal.org in Prague this weekend

Things been quite quiet lately here on my personal blog. This does not mean that my days were not action packed though. I was quiet due mainly to being busy with working on all the Drupal 7 usability exceptions and blogging directly on the localize.drupal.org news blog.


It is time to share the love and show these to more people around my region. So I'll go to Prague and show what Drupal 7 has on offer and how can people translate Drupal easier then ever before. With two sessions on the schedule, I'll be busy this weekend to show all the awesomeness going on these areas.

The Prague event still has 70 free (as in beer) seats open as of this writing, so it is not late to register! My colleague Robert Douglass will also be there to present sexy search and Acquia. There will be a pretty heavy Hungarian contingent going presenting about Druplash, Services and Amazon EC2 integration plus our Hungarian in honor, Kristof van Tomme presenting knowledge management integration in Open Atrium.

There are plenty reasons to come, so don't miss out!

Drupal 7 to feature the new Drupal wordmark?

Mark Boulton created the new Drupal wordmark as part of the Drupal.org redesign efforts. As highlighted by Jeff Traynor of Raincity Studios, the newly relaunched Drupal.com now uses this new wordmark as identification for Drupal and the wordmark is also destined to land on Drupal.org as part of the redesign (implementation unfortunately still underway).

So why not include the wordmark in shipping software as well? A logical step would be to have it on the installation and update (also known as maintenance screens). The patch for using the new Seven administration theme for installation and updates does just that. Because it is only a first approximation of how this should look, I'd love to get help cleaning it up and polishing things like lining up items, correct font sizes and fixing graphics - so we get a really polished experience for people's first Drupal encounter as well.

Localize.drupal.org to come to life, so what about packaging?

Finally, the promise of a centralized localization interface for Drupal modules and themes looks to be coming true. I've started work on this project around two years ago under Google Summer of Code sponsorship and was continuing maintenance and improvements ever since. While I was spreading the word on it, not many people signed up to help clean up some possible performance problems, so it did not make into Drupal.org yet.

However, earlier this year I've got reviews from some key people in the infrastructure team, especially Gerhard Killesreiter, who persuaded me that setting this up is more important then it not being perfect yet. Software is evolving matter anyway, and we should improve as we see the problems. So I've started to set up localize.drupal.org. While we work out some of the kinks like single sign-on with drupal.org (one of the promises of the drupal.org redesign which will be delivered here), I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the implications.